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Me reading calculus for dummies in the library

About Me[edit]

Name: Justin Thompson

Born and raised in southern California. I recently transferred to Humboldt State University for the spring 2011 semester. I Enjoy watching sports on my free time. My favorite basketball team is the Lakers and my favorite football team is the Steelers. I decided to chose Engineering as my major after taking a physics course at my junior college with Bernie Gilpin R.I.P. Engineering has many job opportunities as well as being surrounded by physics.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Exploring the different contributions physics has on engineering.
  • Field study/ hands on work
  • To help improve our environment and the world around us.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • No experience in engineering as of now, by the end of the semester i will have taken eng 115, eng 210, eng 215.

Special Interest[edit]


gantt chart of Engr 215 project
Arcata Waste Water Treatment Plant Memo
Auto Cad design of a house
Fern Lake excel spreadsheet
Collaboratively written document for designing a solar dehydrator