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Name Jacquelynn Dufour
Registered 2013
Impact 386
Contributions Fuente Nueva waste project

I am a student at Cal Poly Humboldt. I am majoring in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in policy. I am also minoring in Forestry. I am originally from Michigan and I love to hike in wilderness areas but really any forest will do.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • I am interested in living alternatively with as minimal impact to the environment as possible.
  • I am interested in building rainwater catchments and houses made of materials that are sustainable and efficient.
  • I am interested in seeing what other people have constructed, using materials found at any developed household, that has harnessed Earths elements in a positive sustainable way.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • I am skilled at traveling in the wilderness for multiple weeks with only what I can carry.
  • I have experience in programs such as excel and Arc GIS
  • I have a general working knowledge of conversions and measurements
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