My name is Jason Holloway, I'm 26 and a History Graduate Student here at Edinboro University. Over the years I have been lucky to have lived in several overseas locations. For example, I have lived in Peru for 2 years, one year in Mexico, and a semester abroad in Barbados at the University of the West Indies. In part due to my travels I am able to fluently speak Spanish and Portuguese, and I continue to learn French and German in addition here at the undergraduate level. Hopefully next year I will both start a second masters degree and a doctorate program at the same time. In Middlebury College I will study French and Spanish over the summers for a masters in Mediterranean Studies, and at either the University of Tennessee or Georgia State University I will study History for my PhD during the school year. Many might call me a professional student but truly I am just someone who likes to learn a little bit about everything.

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Welcome[edit source]

Hi Jason,

Welcome to Appropedia. We are excited to see your translating work. Please feel free to ask for help. Usually the translating tag uses the name of the page itself (as seen at the top of the page and in the URL bar) and the name of the translated page. E.g. replacing Titel auf Deutsch with Das Schmutzwasser (or something more accurate) and Title in English with Wastewater treatment:

{{Lang|[[Das Schmutzwasser|Was ist das Schmutzwasser?]] - [[Wastewater treatment|What is Wastewater?]]}} 

Then the page you would be editing would be Das Schmutzwasser as opposed to Titel auf Deutsch Thank you, --Lonny 17:12, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Hi Jason,

I changed the title of your article. You had forgotten to replace the generic "Titel auf Deutsch" with the actual German title. Your article is now called "Behandlung von Abwasser."

Eleanor ter Horst

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