This site needs to be updated, Here are the steps I plan on doing once I can

  • Make a Database Copy
  • Configure the new webserver on another IP or port
  • Configure the new PHP
  • Configure the new Mysql DB
  • Conifgure Mediawiki 1.19b2
  • Run update.php
  • Test
  • Start installing plugins
  • Test
  • Test Again
  • Install PHP-APC
  • Test
  • Install memcached
  • Test
  • Once fully tested, move the entire thing, and do a drop in replacement
  • Start fixing bugs, Don't be scared, they will crop up, and its something to expect, we are moving from a dirt old install of mediawiki

Expected downtime: 8 minutes Expected time until fully back up to speed: 2 days

Comments[edit | edit source]

I would rather us take care of bugs on a hidden server. In the past, we have had a development site that is hidden from search engines (sometimes by password just like is now). I can give you access to Whatisustainability so that we can put it there and start testing for bugs. We also have some scripts for automating the porting between live, dev and staging servers. Please let me know if you would like to see them. --Lonny 14:30, 28 March 2012 (PDT)

Most bugs that crop up in my updates, are just little settings that need adjustment, those 4-5 testing phases get 99.99% of most bugs, and non are site breaking
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