The following settings will help mediawiki be faster

$wgCompressRevisions = true;
$wgRevisionCacheExpiry = 24*3600;
$wgParserCacheExpireTime = 24*3600;
$wgDisableCounters = true;
$wgMiserMode = true;
$wgDiff = '/usr/bin/diff';
$wgDiff3 = '/usr/bin/diff3';
$wgUseETag = true;
$wgJobRunRate = 0;

Combined with nginx fastcgi cache, and PHP-FPM + APC + MEMCACHED you can get page render times down into the sub 200MS range

Comments[edit | edit source]

I am very excited to get Appropedia faster. We would like to keep counters enabled as it allows project partners to see the level of dissemination there project is achieving. --Lonny 14:42, 28 March 2012 (PDT)

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