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John Lyons

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Wind2.JPG This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Wind Power.

Engineering Student[edit]

Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University, 2010.

Interest in engineering for sustainable development[edit]

I took this course because I was interested in taking a course that was a bit different than most of the courses I have taken taken thus far are. This class utilizes a teaching technique called Service Learning. This is a very interesting approach to learning and through the projects we have done thus far, it is a more rewarding way to learn.

Courses this term[edit]

MECH 425 - Engineering Sustainability
Mech 435 - Internal Combustion Engines
Mech 455 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Mech 478 - Biomaterials


I am interested in renewable energy technologies and hope to one day be involved something relating to the energy sector.