LCA References[edit | edit source]

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LCA Sources[edit | edit source]

Cement[edit | edit source]

  • Alejandro Josa, Antonio Aguado, Atte Heino, Ewan Byars, Arnaldo Cardim, Comparative analysis of available life cycle inventories of cement in the EU, Cement and Concrete Research, Volume 34, Issue 8, August 2004, Pages 1313-1320.[1]
  • B. von Bahr, O. J. Hanssen, M. Vold, G. Pott, E. Stoltenberg-Hansson, B. Steen, Experiences of environmental performance evaluation in the cement industry. Data quality of environmental performance indicators as a limiting factor for Benchmarking and Rating, Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 11, Issue 7, November 2003, Pages 713-725.[2]
  • Ph. Teller, S. Denis, R. Renzoni and A. Germain Comparison between the incineration and the co-combustion in cement plants of industrial wastes 7th LCA Case Studies Symposium SETAC-Europe, 1999.

Tires[edit | edit source]

Plastic[edit | edit source]

MSW[edit | edit source]

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