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Affiliations University of Dayton
Registered 2018
Impact 290
Contributions Solar Energy

Currently, I am at University of Dayton (UD), Ohio, United States, pursuing a PhD program at the mechanical and renewable and clean energy engineering, studying with the supervisor Dr. Robert Gilbert. I am also a Solar Energy Lab Assistant for solar energy class and Teaching Assistant for renewable energy and efficiency energy building classes. Completed Master of Science (MS) at UD and an undergraduate from Technology College, Iraq. My interests focus on solar energy, increase photovoltaic energy output, increase solar arrays' efficiencies, design and install solar energy systems, concentrated solar radiation, reduce solar photovoltaic installation cost, and solar energy economics. Master's thesis topic was “100% renewable energy for residences in seven counties in Ohio using solar, wind, and biomass” under the supervision of Dr. Robert Brecha in 2017.

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