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About Me[edit]

Name: Griffith Jones

I am currently a freshman at Humboldt State and my major is environmental engineering. Environmental engineering draws me to it because I like the idea of living in a completely sustainable community like an ecovillage. At Humboldt I am in the orchestra and want to join the Humboldt circus. Outside of school I like to spin fire, contact juggle, ride bikes, and go hiking.


For engineering 215 my team Samoa Solutions and I designed a bike that powered a blender. All of these documents relate to that project. This is the main document that we made for the design Mechanical Munchy-Maker [1]
This calculation sheet show a sample of a spread sheet [[2]]
This is a sample memo. [3]
This is a sample of CAD program.[4]
This is a sample of a Gantt charts.[5]