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Name Griffin Carlson
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 242-2019 People
Courses ENGR242
Registered 2019
Impact 364
Contributions OSAT: Unicef Developmental Kit - Dominoes for Children

My name is Griffin Carlson. I go to Principia College and am a part of the ENGR242 3-D Printing class. I study digital media production in the fall and spring, and do filmmaking all year round. In an interesting way, I think that this "engineering" class has a lot to offer me! I am very excited to see what happens.

My JellyBox Build Experience & the Open Source Movement[edit | edit source]

Building the JellyBox felt like being a part of something really unique and new. I really felt as though I was an active participant in a technology that is changing the world right now. I am really supportive of the open source movement, because I think that it perfectly represents the age of free information. While this is beautiful and has undeniably had a lot of great benefits, I suppose it could also spell danger. In terms of 3-D printing, we now have access to small and necessary parts cheap and easily! In another light, there are some bad designs out there that could really be destructive. I am curious to see how it goes.

Favorite type of food Favorite Movie Favorite Camera/Lens Combo
Indian food Blade Runner (1982) Arri Alexa Mini w/ Cooke S4 primes

Unprinted Designs[edit | edit source]

Picture Design name Description
"UNICEF Early Child Development Kit: Dominoes for Young Children" This is a proposed appropriate technology domino to aid in young child learning. It is meant for kids ages 4-7, and can help children develop critical thinking skills and the ability to follow the rules of a simple game like Dominoes.

My Prints[edit | edit source]

Picture Print name Description
"Flexi Cat" My first print! I printed at 50% scale, I kept the print speed to 100%, and the layer height to 0.1. I used no skirt or raft, and the temperature was a consistent 205 degrees.
Picture Print name Description
Replacement Left Fan Mount for JellyBox 2. Worked with a print speed of 100, kept the layer height to a smaller value to preserve quality, and used no skirt or raft. The temperature was 210 degrees.
Picture Print name Description
Pyramid Cube. Worked with a print speed of 100, printed at 100% scale, and used no skirt or raft. The temperature was 210 degrees. I found that this print went better than most other prints I have done. I recalibrated the z-axis height and it seemed to help the quality of my prints. I change it almost exactly 1 millimeter.
Picture Print name Description
Raspberry Pi Zero w/ Camera Case Worked with a print speed of 100, printed at 100% scale, and used no skirt or raft. The temperature was 210 degrees. I enjoyed designing this case and thought that when it was all said and done, it turned out very well, and holds a Raspberry Pi Zero perfectly. I hope that it gets put to good use in my school's green house, monitoring plant life!

Picture gallery[edit | edit source]

Cool ideas:
I would love to 3-D print a Catan board like this.
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