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Joel Bisson[edit]

E-mail: jab22@humboldt.edu

Humboldt State University Student

  • Major: Environmental Science (Energy and Climate)
  • Minor: Geospatial Sciences
  • Minor: Forestry
  • Semester Goal: to ride my bicycle to and from school everyday!

ENGR 370 Energy, Technology, and Society[edit]

Experience and Resources[edit]

I have the following experience, skills or resources to share with Engr370:


Woody Biomass Energy Production

Torrefaction and Pellitization

Transportation Efficiency

Social Marketing

ENGR 305 Appropriate Technology[edit]


  • I ride my bike to the store instead of driving my truck.
  • I use my re-usable coffee mug every day.
  • Occasionally I use a rake or broom instead of the loud, exhaust emitting, gas blower.
  • Researched small to medium scale torrefaction and pellitization projects.
  • Visited Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center


  • Passive and Photovoltaic solar applications. (specifically, I want to retrofit my brother's chicken coop with an electric door and feeder)
  • Mini-hydo electricity generation with water filtration for rural applications.
  • Mobile relief shelters for environmental refugees.
  • Torrefied biomass.

Current Project[edit]

  • Human powered exercise machine to charge small electronic devices.
  • Project partner: Aaron Gallo