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Name Gavin Gudobba
Affiliations MTU
Location Michigan, USA
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Registered 2019
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Hello, I am Gavin Gudobba. I am currently pursuing a double major in Accounting data analytics and Management of Information Systems. I enjoy data analysis and hope to work as a business consultant in the future.

Email: gagudobb@mtu.edu


Interests[edit | edit source]

Data Analytics Excel Scripting 3D Printers Open Source Programming

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Semester 1 Fall 201

Outreach Team:

This semester I worked with Zach to organize the information meeting, and worked on recruiting new students. Before attending the enterprise information day I created a signup sheet, and used that to keep interested students informed. using that sheet I kept prospective students updated on the club specific info session which had four attendees. While this number is low from this three members did join the team, so the info session did have a high return despite low attendance. Additionally I created a combined google form and excel sheet that could be used for internal tracking of enterprise orders. Additionally I have started a project that can be used on the enterprise website. This project involves writing a java script in google sheets to estimate the cost of the print, and generate a message, that will then be automatically emailed to the person interested. In the future I can add on to this by creating an auto scheduling for printing services if needed.
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