My name is Eric Bauer and I am senior Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, hiking, and cooking.

I am working on completing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and will soon be entering the full-time workforce at either John Deere or Ford Motor Company (still need to make my decision). Previously, I have worked at Mercury Marine and John Deere in various engineering intern positions including mechanical design, drive-train testing, and manufacturing engineering. I am currently the Chief Engineer of the Michigan Tech SAE Baja Team and have previously held the role of Drivetrain Team Leader. Most of my experience prior to this year was all in subtractive manufacturing, specifically CNC machining; but I am extremely excited to be learning more about the world of additive manufacturing and it's uses in industries.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit | edit source]

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Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

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Did a lab specifically request this? Just holding? Can you cut down on plastic by cutting out the middles? Your link is not live yet...Joshua Pearce (talk) 19:25, 30 October 2019 (UTC)

This is for a machine/manufacturing shop that I work at in Houghton; upon speaking with them about any particular needs or problems they had, this idea came up. There has never been a good method for them to store and organize these nozzles (housed in the tubes in the picture of my part). They have looked into machining something in the past very similar to the cost comparison item I have listed, but they were always too busy with other work (not enough machines or workers). The nozzles have been accidentally knocked on the floor in the past, which leads to an approximately $200 waste if they are broken. The NIH link is now live, I apologize for that. As for cutting down on plastic in the middles, I am not exactly sure what you mean. I believe you may think there is material where these isn't on this part, the STL file on NIH should clear up any confusion. If I am missing something on this topic, please feel free to let me know once again.

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