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Affiliations Edinboro University
Location Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Languages English, Deutsch
Interests Deutsch
Registered 2008
Impact 258
Contributions Doppelerdarbeiten

Hi, My name is Emily and I go to Edinboro University. I am studying German and Spanish with a minor in history. I graduated highschool in 2005 and got a full scholarship through the ROTC program. I look forward to graduating Edinboro in 2009 and getting my commission as a second lieutenant in the Army as well as a bachelors degree in foreign language. In my free time, when I get some, I like to spend time outdoors, read, travel, and I also love to swim. Last August I got married to a wonderful man who is also in the Army and is currently serving in Iraq. I am so proud of him and all of our servicemembers and their families for their sacrifices to keep my country safe.

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