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Name Dove Windsor
Registered 2019
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Hello, I'm Dwindsor. You are most likely to find me fixing grammar on pages on Appropedia. I don't do much content-creation around here. I also occasionally welcome new users to the Appropedoia community, if necessary. I also have a keen interest in doing anti-vandalism work, as well as patrolling the recent changes for spam. My general goal here is to ensure that Appropedia is what it should be, a user-made encyclopedia, and not a playground for vandals. I would love to become, one day, an administrator on this wiki project, and although it may take years, it is my goal. I am open to all suggestions and tips, for I am new to Appropedia, and want to learn all that is possible about how things are run here. Any questions, comments, suggestions, enquiries, etc, can be directed to my email or via my talk page.

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