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Despatches from the Invisible Revolution[edit]

New Public Thinking #1: Reflections on 2011[edit]

Editorial: First Life
A show of hands - Alex Fradera
Fear and homecoming in 2011 - Keri Facer
Bergeron's Children - Smári McCarthy
Accents of the mind - Pat Kane
A year in pictures - Andy Broomfield
The Invisible Revolution - Pamela McLean
In the future, everyone will be powerful for 15 minutes - Dougald Hine
Egypt's quest for dignity - Anna Björkman
The Scottish Spring - Mike Small
On becoming an adult - Eleanor Saitta
On becoming a conservative - Vinay Gupta
Creative and collaborative - Tessy Britton
Towards a transformative philosophy of education - Andrew Taggart
Turning for home - Bridget McKenzie
A twitteration on 2011 - Neil Cantwell
Peak Art - Nick Stewart
The year of forgetting - Noah Raford
Reimagining the space between - Laura Burns
Repossessing the future - Jeppe Graugaard and Morten Svenstrup
The year punk broke - Chris T-T
The Neasden Protocol - Keith Kahn-Harris
Afterword: The Invisible Net - Andy Gibson
NPT1 - Contributors to Issue 1
NPT1 - Thank You