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Chris Heiting[edit]


I am a 5th year double majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. I am from Black Creek, WI and chose to go to Michigan Tech because I love the outdoors and it's high reputation as an engineering school.


  • Hunting/Fishing-Yummy
    Fig 1: Half a big antler
  • Camping-Yay forests
  • Football-There goes my weekend
  • Basketball-What's one more sprained ankle?
  • Broomball-Champs??
  • Volleyball-Dig Set Spike or something like that
  • Walking my dog on the Tech Trails

Internship Experience[edit]

  • Kimberly Clark Product Development
  1. Coordinated large scale studies of product improvements
  2. Took the lead on Commercial Mill Trials
  3. Worked with lab technicions to develop ideas into actual prototypes
  4. Developed Product of the Year in 2012 to help kids fight bed-wetting

  • Recently accepted a full-time offer for employment starting in the summer of 2014

Favorite Song[edit]

"The Fox by Ylvis"