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This was a good idea, but it's just not efficient. Any update or error correction takes enormous amounts of work. So, this page will be wiped (to avoid showing up on "what links here" pages) until related changes and category trees are compatible.

This is a page I use to list a group of pages I want to watch. It's a bit easier to manage than my watchlist. I can then use the "Related changes" link to keep track of all these pages.

I tried this with the CategoryTree function, but it didn't work. So I copied the links into the edit box, converted with WikEd, and an hour's worth of stuffing around later (lots of tricky search-and-replacing), I have the list below.

I was hoping the CategoryTree method would work, as it would automatically list new pages. This page will become outdated quickly. Such is life.

Links deleted - click history to view them.