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Proposal under discussion with EWB Australia - expanding points 1 and 3:

Introduction: The semantic wiki[edit]

helps to search, organise, tag, browse, evaluate, and share the wiki's content semantic annotations that can be interpreted by computer, allowing the wiki to function as a collaborative database

Example: As a simple example, consider the following questions:

In Appropedia's medical device compendium: Show me medical devices for HIV which have been commercialised. This can be further narrowed down, e.g. showing only preventative devices or only treatment devices, or devices used in Asia and South America.

Semantic functions in Appropedia give database functionality within the wiki pages. Each page can be both a database style record with precise values and meanings to predetermined fields, as well as allowing the free structure of a wiki page with prose and images.

Being built on MediaWiki, Appropedia's platform is designed for openness and collaboration, and has excellent version tracking. For example: Every value that has ever been entered in a page is still accessible in the page history, no matter how the data structure changes. Changes to data structure are also recorded in the version history. Even deleted pages are accessible to administrators. While the data structure should be designed, there is room for free tagging

Point 1[edit]

In brief: Develop and implement a semantic schema that allows for simultaneous sorting on multiple facets, such as field and location.

In detail:

  • Benefits:

"Semantic MediaWiki" (SMW)

  • Background: SMW is a complex set of extensions to the underlying MediaWiki software used on Appropedia. This has already been installed.
  • Work to be performed:

Labor cost: 60 hours

Point 3[edit]

In brief: Create and implement an idea categorization schema that allows for more EWB Challenge and other idea generation and sharing

In detail:

  • Description:
  • Background:
  • Work to be performed:

Labor cost: 40 hours