Outcomes from meetings with Alex:

  • (awaiting response) contact Ekopedia community re multilingual wiki structure
  • Done! Lonny re ongoing dev work
  • preliminary investigation of what is required for spam prevention, and write up a summary of main problems, what's needed (and any suggested fixes, e.g. Q&A CAPTCHA). Steps: setup ChatZilla, ask on #MediaWiki.

Outcomes from Appropedia Foundation board meetings:

  • Fix PayPal regular payments
  • Our Tiny Letter newsletter - let people know. (In progress.)
  • Start conversation about images/metaphors for communicating Appropedia.
  • Send Kiva Info for video

Other priorities:

  • Communications: do some brief updates to the community, or work out a way top do them. Conversation with an intern or community member?

Level 2 priorities:

  • Recruit interns:
    • Choose procedure for managing
    • Advertise for a communications/social media intern
    • Advertise for a P2P wiki editing intern
    • Advertise for a bot intern

Current roles and projects:

  • Water book
  • Liaise with Skud - see Skud's subpages
  • Stop spam firehose
  • Ekopedia merge. Steps: Discuss with Eko list. Get help on (en.ekopedia spam list)
  • Fundraising - make a plan for a campaign. Who?
  • Permaculture.info merger

Next meeting with Alex. Ask on IRC first: