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Chukwuyenum Egwuenu is a current student at Principia College with a double major in Mass Communications and Business as well as a minor in sociology. He is currently in the 3D print design class with hopes of furthering his knowledge of 3D printing and the process behind it.

The open-source movement is a community that is based on a radical retake on copyright law with the goal of creating and sharing of high-quality software with the public. The open-source software community is an avenue for developers and users alike to come together to problem-solve and create software that meets their needs. The idea that it is a community of participants from various demographics with different ideologies and motivations is what most attracted me to it. The Jellybox build done n my 3D printing class has allowed me to participate in the open-source movement through the printing of other peoples designs and i'm looking forward to improving on these designs, while sharing my knowledge with the community and giving proper credit to the designer.

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