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Hometown: Houghton, MI
Interests: Engineering, Exploring, Sports and Learning New Things

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Institution Michigan Technological University
Major Materials Science and Engineering
Expected graduation May 2014
Academic interests Biomaterials
Class information
Class MY3701 - Semiconductor Materials
Project Viability of recycling semiconductors in LED Televisions

Introduction[edit | edit source]

I am a fourth year student at Michigan Technological University currently studying Material Science and Engineering. My technical interests include Biomaterials, Semiconductors, Metallurgy and Biomedical Engineering.

Learning - School - Courses[edit | edit source]

Coursework[edit | edit source]

I am currently enrolled in the following courses:

  • MY3200 - Materials Characterization
  • MY3100 - Materials Processing (Thermodynamics)
  • MY3701 - Intro to Semiconductors
  • PH2020 - Introduction to MATLAB
  • Enterprise - Advanced Metalworks Enterprise

Projects[edit | edit source]

Throughout my term at MTU I have worked on projects in teams through my basic level engineering classes. Those projects have included Solar Updraft Tower project and Aquaculture Facility design. Other projects include those of which I have done in the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise. Advanced Metal Works Enterprise AME I recently worked with ArcelorMittal helping them design and test a blast furnace tapping bit drill so that they could optimize their production.

Applying - Work - Experience[edit | edit source]

This past summer I worked for a foundry down in Cadillac, MI. I worked in all of their departments as to get acquainted with their production process. At the end of the summer I worked on projects with their Senior Metallurgist.