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About Me[edit]

In Fall of 2013, I was declared an Environmental Resources Engineering major at Humboldt State University. Since then, I have gained design experience from multiple engineering classes and various projects. For example, building a Rube Goldberg to crush a can of soda and creating RIPSAW, the bridge tester with experienced team members. I will be participating in other engineering projects in the near future.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Building/Design
  • Computer Abilities
  • Mathematics
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Welding

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • AutoCAD
  • Critical Thinking
  • Environmental Problem Solving
  • Metal Fabrication
  • RIPSAW Project
  • Rube Goldberg Project

Engineering 215 Portfolio[edit]

In Spring 2014, I was assigned a project with three other group members to build a bridge tester machine that can measure the amount of pounds per square inch a bridge can endure before breaking. After weeks of research and designing, RIPSAW, the bridge tester was created for Zane Middle School to use in their STEAM program. The following links are related to work I participated in creating RIPSAW.