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Name Bharath Bhushan Kotharu
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Registered 2016
Impact 672
Contributions Photovoltaic systems as utility assets literature review

Info[edit | edit source]

Hello Folks, i am Bharath and i am currently pursuing my Master's in Electrical & Computer Engineering with Power Systems specialization in Michigan Tech.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Power Utilities

Solar & Wind Energy influence on Power Markets

Currently i am working on PV asset for Utility.Literature review pv asset

Resume[edit | edit source]

Education: Michigan Technological University MS - EE (Power Systems) GPA:3.4/4.0.

Courses: Power System Protection, Power System Operations, Advanced Power Systems, Distributed Engineering, Power Electronics, Power System Analysis I & II, Solar Photovoltaic Tech. Power Engineering Lab: Power Flow & Fault simulations, Relay settings, Relay testing and calibration.

Certificates: Advanced Power Engineering certificate from Michigan Technological University.

Internship Experience: BHEL | May2014 - July2014 Developed single – lines, schematics and wiring diagrams as well as load, fault, protection analysis. Conducted Maintenance tests to Transformers and Circuit Breaker. Gained knowledge on Generator, Motor and Bus Bar protection relays, IEEE ratings of Transformers, OMICRON and DOBLE – F6150 Switchbox.

Academic Projects: Michigan Tech.

138KV Transmission Line Protection using Distance Relay Scheme Jan 2015  Designed 7 BUS system in ATP and extracted Transient waveforms for the faults and developed the Matlab script for determining the impedance and fault impedance.  Designed the 7 BUS model in ASPEN software with over current relays and their current transformer setting and investigated the circuit breaker time tripping’s.

Designed & Analyzed Distribution Feeder for Short Circuit and Steady state conditions. Mar 2015  Designed IEEE 4 node Distribution Test Feeder in CYME (One line Diagram).  Determined the Impedance matrix for transformers, Reactive Power, Voltages at nodes and short circuit currents for bolted (Zf = 0) for Line – Line faults.

Assessment of Locational Marginal Price (LMP) for IEEE 30 bus System Sept 2014  Developed Matlab script for determining Y ADMITTANCE matrix for IEEE 30 BUS system and GAMS code for running DC & AC Optimal Power Flow with Transmission line, Max & Min Power Constraints.  Investigated sensitivity for AC & DC OPF for LMP calculation, significance of LMP in deregulated power markets and determination of LMP from Power Transfer Distribution Factor (PTDF).

Developed Matlab script for Backward & Forward Sweep, Ladder Iterative, and Newton Raphson load Flow Techniques for Distribution Network. Feb 2015

Optimal location of 3 Phase Shunt Capacitor in Distribution Network for VAR compensation with voltage drop limit. Feb 2015

Currently Working on PV asset for Utility Market Jan 2016

Software Skills:


Technical Skills: Circuit Analysis, Push Pull, Buck Boost & Boost Buck Converters, Inverters.

Certificates[edit | edit source]

Advanced Power Engineering certificate from Michigan Technological University.

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