Snowing in Humboldt County
Hi guys! My name is Austin Chester.
I'm from Arcata, California and I go to Cal Poly Humboldt. I row on the men's crew team and enjoy all types of music. I am an ERE major but I want to combine that with Biology for a different background to becoming an orthopedic surgeon. I want to approach my background differently in order to gain a more unique perspective while going into the field of orthopedics, and if that doesn't work out there's always being an environmental engineer, and that sounds good to me. The concept of knowing how to approach something and making sure it will work better and longer than it did before it broke just appeals to me.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Longevity from efficient design in products and services
  • Structural Mechanics

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Designed a Rube Goldberg out of LEGO bricks for my AP Physics class in High School
  • Researched ways to improve energy efficiency by using higher windows with higher R-values for better insulation.
  • Designed and wired a light sensor to the lighting in my room to turn on the lights when the levels of ambient light became to low.

Other Cool Stuff[edit | edit source]

Who doesn't like fractals? Explore this one -

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