• I am a last semester Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Tech with a strong concentration in product development. I have completed a Co-Op with Greenheck Fan Corporation in Wausau, WI and an Internship at Miller Electric in Appleton, WI. Both position were in product development and included the use of 3D printers (Stratasys and MakerBot). Building my own 3D printer has been a dream since freshman year, and to have a course with that objective is incredible. I plan on using this 3D printer for years to come in my own product development ventures.

Printer[edit | edit source]

3D Printer Background Printer Description
1403.JPG This is an open source MOST Delta RepRap 2 3D printing kit that I built during the first week of the Fall 2015 semester. This printer is primary PLA based with options to expand to the ABS domain. Right now it prints filament of 1.75 diameter. The print volume is 250 mm in diameter and 240 mm high. With the use of the BeagleBone board the future possibilities are endless.

Projects[edit | edit source]


  • Rockwall Project
  • Created using Openscad Software
  • This as a rockwall hold utilizes one main half sphere surrounded by eight smaller half spheres to truly test a climbers finger strength


  • Viking Bookshelf Project
  • Created using FreeCad Software
  • This bookshelf support was designed with a main cross and a smaller internal cross. There are then 4 celtic designs on each part of the cross.
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