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A roller coaster ride[edit]

Roller Coaster. That's how I can describe my experience in 2nd semester, especially in Empowerment Technology. In this subject, we didn't only do reporting and discussion but we also apply our learning in different ways. And I can say that it gives us positive feedback because somehow we learn new things. Especially in making a blog, it gives me a piece of knowledge on how to use it properly and giving our knowledge on different issues in our society. I found out that these projects made us stronger, especially our interaction with our classmates. The projects also make us realize that we cannot only use social media in entertainment but also in giving our opinion about the issue. I realize that as a student, I can give my opinion on the issues we were facing.

I think this entire semester, the most challenging we face is all about how we communicate as a group, although we already know each other sometimes there are problems especially in communicating with each other. Like sometimes we are facing problems on what time we should online so that we can talk about our project. And another problem I face is using the google document because I'm not familiar with this. But, the most powerful learning moments I learned is you should drink a lot of patience on your group mates and don't work by yourself but try to coordinate your co-members. Because doing alone can give us stress.

The most important thing I learned personally is that I should try to communicate with each other especially if it is a group activity. But sometimes, don't trust too much in your co-members because there are times that they forget their task so that try to communicate. And I realize that communication can lead us in understanding each other and the best thing to do to have good communicating, hear and respect each other opinion so that we have a better output.

In our world, we all know that we face different problems, especially in our daily lives. I think the solution to our problems we face every project can apply in our daily lives problems. Communicating. Communicate with your family members if there is a problem. Don't face them all by yourself but try to seek help each other and get their opinion on what solution you apply.

In all the project we had and I'm going to rate them from 1 to 10, and 10 is the highest score that we did good communication with each other. I can rate it 8 because I said earlier that there are times that some of the members and myself are not online and that lead lack of communication. Especially in doing the blog because some of my member and myself did that mistake.

But after all the misunderstanding and the problems, we all learn our lessons and try not to do that again. And also we do a lot of memories that we can bring every step of our lives. So that I can say that its look Like Roller Coaster Ride.