My name is Andy Novocin, I am employed as a mathematics and computer science researcher. I am new, in 2010, to the collaborative internet but I suppose that everybody is. In a search for true personal freedom I have been unlocking new concepts of how the global problems of the world are felt locally. Concepts like the American Dream and savings accounts rest on the axiom that the future will be much like today, but things seem to be changing so rapidly that traditional advice seems to be based on more and more out-dated beliefs. It also seems clear that economics is at the heart of many issues. So I've been seeking economically stable (stable over many of the potential economic environments that might be possible) approaches to maintaining life. My own version of the American Dream and my own concept of security are based on my family learning to be satisfied with very little and learning to provide for my family and community from the Earth. This has lead me to the appropedia through the Hexayurt project and the Future We Deserve. I am excited to see the community of compassionate people who are striving for sustainable solutions at human-scale costs.

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