Name: Alexandra McGee

Currently, I am a student who juggles mundane jobs. I am a double major and double minor at Cal Poly Humboldt. It is my attempt to create an amalgamation of study which will eventually lead me back to Latin America equipped to be a cultural mediator, language translator and/or political advocate for a people's uprising against the imperial forces of neoliberalism and other similarly scary-sounding words.

I am primarily interested in humans, the emotions which control our lives and the culture we create to make sense of it all. I love the products of our humanity which attempt to express our imagination and joy. It's very important to me to live simply, conserve energy and connect to our earth on a personal level. We have the responsibility to be caretakers rather than indulge our selfish desires to wreak havoc on our natural resources.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • Inter-connectivity: Part of my varied program of study emphasizes the inter-connectivity of human biology, collective culture and our environment. Technology is a response to external stimuli, but our perception of that environment is learned through culture which was first developed partly due to our biology.

If that was as clear as mud, just understand that I'm interested in how we deal with the environment, because cross-cultural perceptions have the possibility to produce hybrid solutions through cooperative communication.

  • Sustainable development: As previously mentioned, a personal relationship must be fostered with the Earth. We must advance projects of sustainable and renewable energy sources (such as using Passive solar design). Treating the natural world with respect is not only right, but our only hope for survival.
  • The power of imagination: despite the negativity which currently surrounds the dominant mode of thinking, this generation has the amazing potential to create extraordinary things. Technology becomes really fun when creativity reigns.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • After Chile experienced an 8.8 earthquake in February 2010, I went with a group of college kids to build and rebuild houses which were affected. In one area, land that was clearcut for lumber was donated to us and we built a mass of homes in one area.
  • I grew up on a walnut ranch. My technology/environment experience therefore includes hullers, shakers, dryers and other practical tools for food production and harvest.
  • I also have plenty of experience camping. Since I have never had to fend for myself in the wild, the technology used is often quite domestic (tent, stove etc), but for the purposes of this page, I think they should still count.


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