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I’ve known that being Senior High School students is never been easy. I wish I could turn back the time that I was still in my Junior High School days for me to have enjoyment in life. This is my thought about the overall project that I’ve encountered. Yes, it is positive. The projects and performance task if you are Senior High School student is challenging and somehow it could be your instrument to have motivation and it could be your inspiration for you to finish that neither project nor task. Im glad to overcome this two semesters for being Grade 11 student.

Yes it is positive that it came up to my mind because if I comply this all task and projects, I know in myself that I could past this subject.

I may have some interesting discoveries while I am working on my projects. I discover that even I don’t have wifi and printer, I can work on it. Because I can see in myself that only wifi and printer the only way for me to have energy to do my paperworks. And I will not think of the negative thoughts about it so I’ll be more motivated to work on it. I’ll be set my mind that if I comply this paperworks I can do what I want.

Even I could be more motivated to work on it, if my groupmates or classmates doens’t have any care about, my 100% will surely decrease. This is one of the most challenging for me and consider as my most powerful learning moment is doing my task that my subject teacher gave. Especially those task is not familiar for me. Task that I never been worked or had experience. Just like our subject teacher gave us the task of making blog and Prezi Presentation.

As I accomplish this tasks, the important thing that I’ve learn personally is if the teacher will give the task in that particular day, work it immediately. Don’t waste any time. Filipinos were known to have this attitude called Manana Habit. The habit of being lazy. Known as “tomorrow” in English, the habit encourages procrastination, an “ability” we Filipinos have since turned into an art form. We Filipinos try to change this attitude. Let’s try to avoid this kind of Filipino Habit.

Because I realize that time is very important to us. Especially if we’ll know how to organize or manage our time. Dividing our time to some things in our daily life is very helpful to us for us to have motivation to do and finish our tasks.

And that makes me feel glad. Complying all paperworks before deadline is such a great impact for me. It can increase my level of motivation. But somehow, I can feel sad and nervous because people nowadays is slowly become a lazy person. Because of these technologies in our generation today. Technology these days is not healthy for us especially to those young children. Even technology is helpful for us, it has bad effect on ourselves.

In communicating, it helps us to increase productivity and results. It is important to understand of how to get your message across. So in team, communication is very important. We teammates communicate each other. We are all open for any suggestions. If that person is not listening nor not interested of the activity he/she is simply not involve of the group and for us not to be hassle.

If I have a chance to be leader of that certain group, I have advantage and disadvantage. One of my advantage is that I motivate them. Encouraging them to pursue the task and not letting them feel down about it.

And of that it could be my wonderful experience of being a Grade 11 students in Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School in Davao City.