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Agricultural Innovations Inc.[edit | edit source]

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Fomenting the OSAT Revolution.

We are a privately-owned firm focused on permaculture, appropriate technology, sustainable resource management and social entrepreneurship. Agricultural Innovations is a consulting firm that has worked on a number of different kinds of projects, from water development, to fruit tree management, to beekeeping .

Philosophy[edit | edit source]

All of us know about the crisis we face, because we're up to our eyeballs in it and we're trying to find a way out. This means small business, local communities, student organizations, NGOs and other social movements coming together and paving the way forward. Essentially, that's our goal. We as a company are focused on the triple bottom line (People, Profits, and Planet). Small businesses like ours can compete in the global marketplace, and have a big impact at the same time. But we need to prove the value of a collaborative economy. Linux is now reaching a critical point where it may indeed pull the carpet out from underneath a commercial behemoth like Microsoft; we as a community can do the same thing with energy, international development, agriculture, and water, but we have a lot of work to do, and we have to start now.

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