About Me


  • I believe everything comes with fate, right from my interest in electrical and electronics engineering at Osmania University to pursuing my master’s at MICHIGAN TECH. Out of all the courses in my undergrad, power systems and renewable energy intrigued me the most. The significance of electric power and its ethereal yet powerful presence is what makes it engaging. Its obligatory subsistence in every field and surprisingly in human anatomy is truly amazing.

My Experience

  • My very first palpable experience was at central power training institute where I first learnt about the maintenance of substation and distribution network.
  • I started off with solar energy offered by TU DELFT as my first online course. With a score of 83% on this course, I earned a certification and used this knowledge to design an automatic sun tracking system for solar panels using ARM cortex-M processor and worked on improving its efficiency as my final year project.
  • With some creditable success on the first one I pursued another course, “energy 101”, offered by UT Austin to understand the energy distribution and consumption across the world.
  • I have loved the collaboration of control systems and power systems and this drove me to trail a lab based course- “Embedded Systems: Shape the world”, offered by UT Austin and was one of the most challenging courses, only 5% out of the thousands of candidates enrolled received an honor code certificate with a grade of 71%. This course made me gain considerate insight of programming ARM cortex- M using C language.
  • I also bagged an internship at AIR INDIA, where I learned the maintenance of electrical systems of A320 family aircraft. It also involved working on the test benches for ballast units , high speed ovens and testing ignition leads at 15000V DC.
  • In pursuit of learning more about renewable sources, I proposed kinetic energy harvesting prototypes as my research and development project in my college and concurrently presented paper- outrageous outages at ISNGI-2014. This paper elicits an insight on frequent outages in India and viable methods like solar integrated micro grids and distributed generation to prevent such contingencies.

Extra Curricular

  • I love working out and martial arts.
  • I am a part of Michigan tech's taekwondo club.
  • I also work as a football referee for intramural. I fell in love this game the very first time i saw it.

You can know more about me on

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