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Adam Mitchell[edit]

  • Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University actively seeking for full-time opportunities in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering for 2019.

  • Computer Expertise:
 | MS Office | Solidworks, AutoCAD/AutoDesk | Siemens NX | MATLAB & Simulink | NX 11.0 | CATIA | MAGMA
  • Feel free to contact me for any appropriate ideas, projects or openings or discussion regarding my profile on contact details mentioned below:

Email :

MSE4777 Projects[edit]

Thingiverse Account

Picture Title Description
Admitche printer.jpg
Athena II Rep Rap model of Athena II
Rock Wall Hold Rock Wall Hold, finger grips on side, bolt hole is centered


Oshw-logo.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Open Source Hardware.
Reprap.png This user is a member with an interest and knowledge of 3-D printing.