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About Me[edit]

My name is Alex Kato
I am a chemistry major at Humboldt State University. The continuing exploration and development of Appropriate Technologies is something I consider very exciting and I am looking forward to working on the projects ahead in 305.

Interests in Appropriate Technologies[edit]

Using our developed lands in ways that responsibly manage our resources is an essential factor as we face a growing population and changing climate. I am interested in looking at ways to use rooftops in productive ways, create and implement efficient solar units, and capture and reuse rain water.

Experience in Appropriate Technologies[edit]

I built a makeshift aquaponic system in my parent's backyard. By using parts off of Craigslist and left around the garage, I was able to sprout California poppies and peppers and play host to a dozen goldfish and several water lilies.

Interest in Appropriate Technologies[edit]

Solar power use and implementation
Water conservation and recycling
Water filtration