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My name is Alexis Clemente and I am a student at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata, California studying Environmental Resources Engineering. My main goal for the future is to make a difference in the world by improving the environment through my work. Besides my field of study, I like to express my passion for nature and the environment through painting.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

My interest in engineering began in high school because of my passion for science and math based courses. I found that engineering would be a good fit for my strengths in school, and I wanted to pursue a career that would challenge me. With engineering, there will always be new obstacles, which will keep me interested in my work. I developed a passion for the environment and realized that I wanted to be able to make a difference by improving the environment, through the use of engineering.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

I took two engineering classes in high school in which I learned how to use Auto CAD and also built various projects. So far, I have successfully passed the Engineering 115 class at Cal Poly Humboldt and am currently taking Engineering 215 and 210 at HSU. For my Engineering 215 class, I worked with a group to create a successful Rube Goldberg. Another project that I worked on in my Engineering 215 class is a Movable Instrument Storage Compartment which I worked with a client from Zane Middle School to develop. This project was successful because my group and I were able to come up with a product that solved our client's problem. With this project I learned a design process which I had to work in a group to research different aspects for the project, come up with alternative solutions to the problem, choose the best design, and build a final product. Lastly, I won a bridge competition for the lightest and strongest bridge in my Engineering 210 statics class. This taught me to calculate the strongest structure and rely on strength of design rather than heavy materials, which is a goal of environmental engineers.

Example Work[edit | edit source]

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