Hi, I am a Graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. My area of interest is Controls. I also like to learn about new and interesting things; which is why I took the 3D printing class offered by Michigan Tech and Dr. Pearce. You can find more details about me at LinkedIn, Thingiverse

Michigan Tech 777 Projects[edit | edit source]

The 777 class offered by Michigan Tech is an Open Source 3D Printing class where we built our own custom RepRap printer. The variant we built is called the MOST Delta. Following are the designs for prints we made over the duration of the course.

Rockwall[edit | edit source]

Here, we had to build, as the name suggests, a Rockwall to be used to climb or hang off of a cliff without it breaking or falling apart. I made my design using OpenSCAD. Printing was done using a 50% fill and 3mm top, bottom and outer thickness to provide sufficient strength to withstand the weight of a man hanging off of it from a cliff.

The design and all relevant files can be found here. Another design made but not printed is here

Celtic Mashup Decor[edit | edit source]

In this task, I designed a Coaster and mashed it with Celtic knots; all in OpenSCAD. For the knots, I used the celtic knots library, viz celtic-knots.scad. The Michigan Tech logo was created in 3D using InkScape. It was then attached at the bottom of the coaster design.

All the relevant files and design can be found here

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Rockwall[edit | edit source]

Rockwall 1.jpg

Rockwall 2.jpg

Celtic Coaster[edit | edit source]

Celtic Coaster.jpg

Coaster 3.jpg

Discussion[View | Edit]

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