Brief encyclopedic wikipedia-type content belongs at Wikipedia, and more in-depth studies, explorations, models, formulae, etc. here. Other material may also be unsuitable for Appropedia (e.g. political content). When material on one wiki is better suited to a different wiki, it may be moved in a process known as transwikiing.

Note: these paragraph may be out of date, since we seem to be allowing encyclopedic content when it goes into much more content, or from a different angle, than Wikipedia would allow:

Appropedia's policy on encyclopedic content of significant size (over one or two sentences) is that it should be included by reference. That is, when there is relevant encyclopedic (i.e. Wikipedia) content available, that content should be referenced with a link. For example, (give example).
We encourage encyclopedic information to be placed at Wikipedia. If someone places it here, that's cool, but it should be moved to Wikipedia. If material is placed here and later becomes encyclopedic (because good references have been added, and/or it's been written), then that is very cool - this should also be moved to Wikipedia.

Note that it is always acceptable to use a brief explanations on Appropedia where this makes it easier for the reader.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  1. If you think a page or section should be transwikied, add the following text, with your reason in a word or sentence, and perhaps add a suggested target (a suitable wiki to move to):
    {{Transwiki| ENTER YOUR REASON HERE }}
  2. If there is consensus to move it (or it's a clear-cut case) then the other wiki can be contacted... using Special:Export here and Special:Import on the other wiki conserves the page history, but requires an admin on the other site. It may be easier to change the template to {{awaiting transwiki}}, so that several pages can all be done at once, when ready.
  3. After transwikiing, the template can be changed to {{transwikied}}:
    {{Transwikied| [[TARGET]] }} where target is the interwiki link, e.g. {{Issuepedia:Socialism}}

General notes about what goes where:

  • If you are describing a kind of technology or issue, think about whether it's encyclopedic (need very simple rule-of-thumb). If so, check whether Wikipedia has material on it already.
  • If you're not sure whether to put something here or on Wikipedia or elsewhere, don't stress. You're welcome to develop material here, and we can worry about transwikiing later.

What to avoid[edit | edit source]

  • Do not simply delete contributions because they are too "encyclopedic".
  • If you're not certain of the best course of action, it is better to leave the material on Appropedia, and perhaps post a question on the talk page.

See also[edit | edit source]

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