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I like the idea of this template, but my idea of how to do it was a bit different. I took some steps in changing it - delinking the editing guidelines & some of the other explanations & just having a link to the general policies page. I think they're fairly self-explanatory, & less links means less choices to be made by the reader. I also reduced the guidelines by one - we can always adjust if they become issues.

I guess they're fairly drastic changes - they came from a pretty strong feeling that for some users (incl me) looking at a notice with a number of links feels like choice overload and distracts me from thinking about what I came to the page for. Links that look like "More..." are less of an issue for me as I don't have to process them much mentally, unless I actually want to know more about the specific topic - whereas a linked policy feels like it's just the header and I'm supposed to go somewhere to get the story. All on a kind of subconscious level - do others have similar reactions?

Not a big deal - just the ongoing challenge of achieving simple clarity (like Blaise Pascal's famous quote about not having had the time to write a shorter letter). Interested to hear other thoughts. --Chriswaterguy 12:02, 17 May 2011 (PDT)