Template documentationedit source

Use this template to create a search box that searches some part of Appropedia.

By default the scope is all Appropedia, but it can be configured to search just the subpages of a page or just a category.

Parameters[edit source]

  • prefix - The target page. |prefix=User talk:Example/Archives will search all subpages of User talk:Example/Archives. By default, the target page itself is included. Append a slash "/" to the prefix to exclude the current page.
  • search-break=yes will insert a break between the search bar and search button. The default is no.
  • search-width can be used to change the width of the text field, in characters. The default is 22, which fits the search bar with the default box width. Note: this is a bare number with no units.
  • search-button-label can be used to change the text on the search button. The default is "Search".

Examples[edit source]

{{Search|prefix=Appropedia:Village pump|search-button-label=Search the Village pump}}


Example 2:

| prefix = User:Example
| search-break = no
| search-width = 22
| search-button-label = Search User:Example's pages