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Template:Attrib pd

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This page or section contains public domain content from {{{url}}}. (See the [{{{statement}}} public domain statement].)


{{attrib pd|url=[http://foo/ Foo] bar|statement=http://foo2/}}


After url= place the url (and description if desired).

After statement= place a raw link (just the url to public domain/copyright-free statement).

Hint: the page Public domain statements lists a number of sites' statements, and may be useful. Otherwise, a "Copyrights" or "Permissions" page or "web policies" page might be found on the site. If there is no such statement on the site, but it is clearly public domain (usually because it is the work of a US federal official, rather than simply posted on a US government site) then use the following link:



E.g. the following code:

{{attrib pd | url = [http://www.eere.energy.gov/buildings/database/overview.cfm?projectid=82 Buildings Database: Overview - Cambridge Cohousing] | statement = http://www.eere.energy.gov/buildings/database/queryhelp.cfm}}

Displays as:

This page or section contains public domain content from Buildings Database: Overview - Cambridge Cohousing. (See the public domain statement.)

Spaces around the pipe "|" are optional, only used to make it easier for the reader.

This template adds the page to Category:Pages using public domain content.