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Use this tool to quickly edit template parameters without leaving the page. This makes editing templates easy, fast and intuitive, both in desktop and mobile devices.

Important! This tool only works for templates that appear exactly once in the page (see #Limitations).

Usage[edit source]

The following wikitext will insert a button that, when clicked, will open a dialog to edit the parameter "foo" of the template "bar".

{{Edit param|param=foo|template=bar}}

Limitations[edit source]

This tool cannot be used to edit templates that:

  • Appear more than once in the wikitext of the page
  • Do not appear in the wikitext of the page

If you attempt to do so, an error will be shown.

Template data[edit source]

Use this template to insert a button that, when clicked, will open a dialog to edit a parameter of a template found in the page, without having to edit the entire page.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Templatetemplate 1

Name of the template to edit

Paramparam 2

Name of the parameter to edit

Valuevalue 3

Current value of the parameter


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