This template is a meta template: a template used for building other templates. It's not meant to be used directly in content pages.

Motivation[edit source]

Databoxes promise to greatly simplify the wikitext and template landscape of Appropedia by taking over several important and complex functionalities.

Databoxes serve to:

  • Display quick and useful information
  • Enable discovery of related content
  • Set semantic metadata on the background for other uses, such as crating the Map
  • Handle automatic categorization
  • Inform editors of key missing information

Databoxes are Appropedia's version of Wikipedia's infoboxes. In fact, before databoxes, Appropedia had infoboxes very similar to Wikipedia. However, databoxes evolved as a more modular solution to prevent the repetition of identical fields in various infoboxes.

This is an advanced template used throughout the entire wiki. For that reason it's protected and only admins can edit it. Before modifying it, you should be familiar with templates in general, with the way this template is used on existing databoxes and with the current conventions in databox design:

  • If a parameter is not given, no information should be inferred or displayed. That is, an empty databox call should yield an empty databox.
  • Parameter names should closely match property names, for example the parameter status and the Property:Status, the parameter derivative-of and Property:Derivative of, and the parameter authors and the Property:Author.

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