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Use this meta template to produce certificate templates that can then be fed to Template:Get certificate.

Example[edit source]

| logo1 = GSTC logo small.png
| logo2 = Medical Makers Logo.png
| title = Paediatric Colostomy Training Module
| skill = performing a safe colostomy in a newborn
| skills = Preparation of a newborn for surgery<br>Surgical decision-making in infants<br>Gentle tissue handling skills<br>Postoperative care of neonates
| signature1 = '''Emmanuel A. Ameh, MBBS, FWACS, FACS'''<br>Chief Consultant Paediatric Surgeon<br>Team Lead, Colostomy in Newborns Project
| signature2 = '''John Sekabira, MBChB, MMed (Surgery), MMed'''<br>(Pediatric Surgery), FCS (ECSA), FAAP<br>Chief Consultant Paediatric Surgeon<br>Chair, Paediatric Surgical Foundation
GSTC logo small.png
Medical Makers Logo.png
Paediatric Colostomy Training Module

This is to certify that

has successfully completed the training of performing a safe colostomy in a newborn on 2024-03-4

Acquired Skills:
Preparation of a newborn for surgery
Surgical decision-making in infants
Gentle tissue handling skills
Postoperative care of neonates
Emmanuel A. Ameh, MBBS, FWACS, FACS
Chief Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Team Lead, Colostomy in Newborns Project
John Sekabira, MBChB, MMed (Surgery), MMed
(Pediatric Surgery), FCS (ECSA), FAAP
Chief Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Chair, Paediatric Surgical Foundation

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