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Template:Attrib base

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How to use[edit]

This provides consistent base formatting for attribution templates on Appropedia.

It takes 3 parameters

  • {{{text}}}: the text and possibly the logo of the attribution notice.
  • {{{border color}}}
  • {{{color}}}

Note cannot be used neatly with images/logos until logical/parser functions make optional parameters possible. So for now, templates such as {{attrib wikipedia}} cannot tranclude this template as a base.


{{attrib base| text = This page contains content from blah, under license XYZ.| border color = #99BB99| color = #EEFFEE}}

displays as:

This page contains content from blah, under license XYZ.


The smaller font and grey background separate this from the body of the article and make it look like information about the page (which is exactly what it is). This makes it easier for the reader to navigate the information on the page, reducing the sense of text overload.