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WPCs and Sustainability

  • "and has increased pollution" is probably what is meant at the end of the first paragraph


  • more about the materials science of shear mixing could help
  • in the last sentence in the limitations of compounding section: "must be improved" is probably what is meant
  • the equations in this section could benefit from being in larger text if possible
  • the references to Wikipedia do not have to be capitalized, such as "Compression moulding", or "Extrusion".

Increased Material Efficiency

  • the heading for increased compounding efficiency is there, but no material has been added


  • relevant economic analysis, perhaps financial savings estimates associated with WPCs could improve the impact of this section


The article is well structured, and the objectives are clear to the reader. One area of slight logistical confusion is that of differentiating between the compounding, and forming sections of the "common fabrication methods" section. A more clear division would help the reader to realize that they are moving from the compounding methods, to the forming methods section. As well, with the exception of the diffusion explanation, the focus of the article is manufacturing methods. Manufacturing methods could be explained more in terms of materials implications in addition to the more macroscopic implications. If possible the overall article could be enforced with specific quantitative/numerical support.

G.Bell 13:17, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

good start[edit]

  • expand section 4 and utilize advice above

--Joshua 13:48, 20 November 2009 (UTC)