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Talk:VOCs in fiberglass insulation

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In VOCs:

What are the usual installation costs?

What is the cost/sq ft. of the formaldehyde free insulation?

You say what R-value is used for, and use the numbers in the chart, but never tell us what the scale of the R-value is. Tell us from what number to what number the scale goes, and make sure to say which is better.

make sure to add a note ND = Not Detected.

Maybe add another 2 columns that show the rates considered to be "Permissible Exposure" in the previous section, so we can visually compare.

In Manufacturers of Fiberglass Insulation:

What is the cost difference for Greenguard Certified insulation?

What VOCs and levels of VOCs does the Greenguard Certification test and limit? (i.e. What do they consider to be the qualifications for "low-emitting" insulation?)

In Alternatives to Fiberglass Insulation

For the sentence:

"It is possible to create a softer batt mineral product that would be more dense, could fit in standard wall cavities tighter, and would be less prone to air convention thermal losses than standard fiberglass batt."

Please clarify, is it just "possible", or is it actually in common practice? The whole sentence says "could, and would" rather than "does". It sounds like you're saying what it actually does, but maybe just using the wrong tense, which makes it sound like it's a hypothetical situation rather than a factual one.

Overall quality very good. Some changes need to be made. I used () over areas I believe need a quick change or reworded.

Cost Efficiency[edit]

How much money would a consumer save per year using Greenguard Certified insulation vs non Greenguard certified insulation. Is it even negligible?