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  • Efficiency analysis of a solar cooker
  • What are assumptions were made to be able to use the given equations
  • Exergy: missing variable description for Ib

Usually black or dark colour pots are used in box cookers. But I invented a simple method on 01/10/2010 for cooking in any colour pot, including reflective pots, successfully. My method is called 'NG method'. My method is a breakthrough of solar box cooking technology. When a piece of black cloth is laid on the reflective surface of the cooking pot, it will give the same effect as the black pot.

I believes that the NG method can be used not only for cooking food but also for various other industries. For example, when constructed in large size, this method can be used to make copra from coconut much faster and cleaner than the usual method, to extract high quality coconut oil

Neel (

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