Suggestions[edit source]

  1. Show your calculations explicitly - e.g. show your equations and where you got the values of the numbers
  2. Only cite the numbers you found from references
  3. Show the complete reference - not just the url
  4. Use superscripts like this2
  5. Taking an average utilization rate between different materials is physically meaningless - if you have solid numbers for each chemical species use them.

--Dr. Pearce

Remark[edit source]

Please note that in the vast majority of growth processes, a large excess of As precursor to Ga precursor (that is, a high ratio of e.g. AsH3:Ga(CH3)3) is used. This is because of the volatility of arsenic at elevated temperatures; if an excess is not provided, the resulting material will become astoichiometric and have mediocre properties. Ratios as high as 150:1 are common. Thus, the problem of dealing with waste is primarily a problem of dealing with arsenic rather than gallium.