- This article is written well

- Easy to follow

- The explanations of the different recycling methods were understandable

- Liked how the current feasibility of turbine recycling was included in the article

Things to consider when revising this article:

- Label figures and diagrams

- There are some grammatical and spelling errors in the article

- Future Materials and Manufacturing Processes need completing

-The variables in the stiffness equation should be explained

- When talking about thermoset polymers, a more in-depth explanation of why they are hard to recycle could be useful, or a hyperlink to an article on thermoset polymers

-The following couple of sentences from the Mechanical Recycling section could use revising, "However the addition of a recyclate as a substiture of a filler material there is a reduction in the mechanical properties. This is because the recyclate absorbs more resin (matrix material) than most filler materials which leads to a higher viscosity mould this reduction is tolerable for anything less than a 10% loading situation." It is unclear what is meant by a higher viscosity mould, and the section bolded sounds awkward.

- The following sentence from the Thermo Recycling section should be broken into more then one sentence, "Processing by a method of Pyrolysis is when a combustible material is heated to around 500 °C without oxygen, causing it to break down into lower weight organic substances solid or liquid hydrocarbon products such as gas. "

good work -- think of bringing the process back into a full lca for wind - rather than doing economics[edit source]

--Joshua 13:40, 20 November 2009 (UTC)