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Under "conclusion" it is stated that this cooker met it's design criteria. How was it determined that the construction and use of this cooker does not "negatively impact the environment"?
April 29, 2008. In recent experiments with solar cooking, I found that if the tin can lids are hammerd, the scattered reflection is decreased from the groves of the can, and instead is directed towards the focal point, which would help increase the solar energy that can be recieved and reflected for cooking.
Also, I found that over time the tin can lids rusted, have you thought of a substance that could be used to coat the lids to prevent this?

so im not sure if folks out there are nearly as wasteful as folks out here, but theres always junked, badly made prefab furniture on the curbs when all the students move out here in central missouri. how about the pampasan chairs? wouldnt they make good frames as scrap material? Also, another good scrap item to use for frames could be the older satellite dishes, with the sturdy steel frames. Those are a dime a dozen in the rural midwest at least. Of course, the most important thing is to not have to depend on 'waste' items as we look beyond the transitional period in the pursuit of bioregional resilience. Tin and aluminum cans can easily still be a part of this, of course, as food preservation is pretty helpful for community food systems, and tin and aluminum can be melted and recast at very low temperatures using waste oil burners. Of course the necessary precautions need to be taken to ensure that none of the metals dissolve and end up in the food. An important thing to note is that vinegar dissolves aluminum! Big deal. Be careful there.

Also, have you considered buffing the lids to make them shinier? And what materials are you considering as backing aside from what you were already using? What about large plastic containers cut in long, spiral shaped lengths? I know some artists who use this for sculptures.

keep up the awesome work!

Richard, OSE Mid Mo